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8 students studying at Houbi Elementary School from grade 4 to 6 joined a Reader's Theater team in November, 2023. Instructed by 2 English teachers, Mharifee and Piper, the team attended the contest this year in March. With all the laughter and hard work, they finally got the Excellence Award in group A5. There were teams from different schools in total of 21. Well done boys and girls. Bravo!

2023 年 11 月, 8 位來自四至六年級的後壁國小學生,組成了一支英語讀者劇場的隊伍。由兩位英語老師, Mharifee 和 Piper 指導,歷經無數辛勤練習與同聚的歡樂時光,終於在 2024 年的 3 月取得了 A5 組的優等成績,在同一梯次 21 個隊伍中脫穎而出,這 8 位孩子的優良表現,值得喝采!


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